Madarao Ski

Wind In The Hair, Skis On Your Feet

If you never tried to ski before, then what are you waiting for? Once you step on the skis, you will realize how awesome it feels to have your body under control, but also, you have control over the skis. Once you learn how to ski, you will feel accomplished, and this is a skill that you actually never forget how to do! It is just like riding a bike, but maybe even better!

If you want to learn how to ski, then you should visit the hotel Madarao, which approximately less than two hours away from Tokyo.
Madarao ski center is open for beginners and for experienced skiers, who want to try to conquer difficult tracks. If you are a beginner, then you do not need to bring your own equipment, because we have everything that you need here! The only thing that you need to actually bring is a waterproof suit, which will keep you warm. And you should really invest in this suit, which you need to wear every time when you go out because it is really cold and windy here.

Madarao Ski

On the other hand, you can always rent the skis or snowboard, depending on the preference. Also with the skis, you will receive ski pole, and some additional equipment, which you will put in your backpack because we need to follow the safety protocol. Instructors at Madarao ski center will teach you how to stand on the skis, how to slow down the speed, and how to stop. These are basic actions that you need to learn before you let yourself loose. Of course, we have tracks for people who are beginners, and these tracks are almost flat, so you do not have to worry if you will go down too fast. Once you learn to balance, and once you relax, you will notice that skiing is amazing and worth the effort.

On your first day of being here, you will meet with your instructors from Madarao ski center, and they will part you into the groups. You can choose to go every day, or you can skip lessons if you want. However, if you came here to relax but also learn a new skill, then we advise you not to skip classes. And when you ski, time flies!